Important Information

Hi parents – As we enter the meat of the winter, our girls are progressing quite nicely in their offseason workouts and practices. There are several items to touch upon, many are very important. Please read carefully below and reach out with questions:


  • Uniform sizing – We are in the process of ordering uniforms for our team. Samples have been provided for sizing and can be tried on before/after conditioning on Thursday (1/30) at Rita’s studio. There are sizing samples for the jersey and pants across both youth and ladies’ lines.
  • Helmets – We need to get helmet sizes for each player. If their current helmet fits, please enter the size, else if you would like the next size up, mention the current size and select ‘Yes’ in the “next size up” column immediately to the right of the ‘current size’ column. Please use this workbook to enter the information ASAP. You do not need to enter anything for the Jersey or Pants sizes as I will do that once Rita gives me the sizing sheet.
  • Catcher schedule for Monday night Pitching/Catching @ NCHS – Rita is going to work with the catchers/pitchers to assign a pair for each Monday night session. The pitchers assigned to a catch will need to have a backup in case their catcher is unable to make that Monday session. Rita will be in touch on this.
  • Scrimmages  – We have our first indoor scrimmage a week from Sunday at TSA in Seymour. Logistics to be sent in the coming week.
  • Adirondack Dome Indoor Tournament –  March 13-15 in Lake George, NY. Be sure to get your room booked ASAP by following this link. If you are unable to bring your daughter, please reach out to the other team parents to align someone to bring your daughter. Team contact details can be found here.
    • We are most likely going to have a game on Friday night, so we will need everyone to plan to leave directly from school or if possible a bit early. I know this is not ideal, but they are forcing us to play at least one Friday night game as some of the other teams from our area are playing two.
    • We need a parent volunteers to help coordinate activities, dinner(s) etc. Please reach out to me if you’re willing to help.
  • Tournament schedule – We will be sending out the tournament schedule in the coming week. I wanted to give the team a heads up that we will be off the days leading up to and following the 4th of July. We thought this was a good time to give the girls (and their parents) a break to get away. More details to follow.
  • Super Bowl Boxes – We need everyone to get involved to help the team raise funds. We’ve provided a large amount of winter space, workouts and indoor practices along with the large number of tournaments.. at a very cost-effective team fee. We are counting on fundraising to offset the expenses. Please forward the pool to friends / family.
  • Fundraiser – March 28 tentative date. This will be a bar event, silent auction etc. We are in the planning stages and will need help from the entire team to make the event successful
  • CT Rams Fitted Hats – We are looking to place an order for CT Rams hats. In order to place the order, we need to sell more of them. This item has a higher fundraising return for the team as well, as such if you’re interested in would be appreciated if you could let me know and also let me know if you are a S/M or L/XL in hat size. They are flex fit, very well-made hats. If you’re interested in seeing them, check out this link. 


All the best,

Nick / CT Rams Coaches